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The Sun Has Got to Set Before it Can Rise Again

Sunsets can bring a sense of peace, quiet and tranquility in an uncertain world that seems to be going at a million miles an hour. The natural environment is a powerful tool to support your mental health and is something that I personally use to look after my own. Whether a sunset, a sunrise, an ocean swim, a walk or just sitting and breathing in fresh air, the environment is priceless.

Hi, I'm Paige

What started as a hobby, silversmithing has turned into a craft that brings me great joy. It allows me to switch off and hammer away the day in my workshop, with such pride being had from seeing people wearing my pieces of jewellery.

After 4 years of academic study at university where Teylu took a backseat, I decided that my creative side needed to be nourished and Teylu Collective was created. 

Based in Cornwall, the stunning scenery, salt air and environment provides ample sources of inspiration. In addition, my jewellery can be described as minimal, simple, geometric and modern but with hints of my Cornish surroundings.


Here at Teylu Collective we hope to have minimal negative environmental impact. The environment that surrounds us all is invaluable, from the oceans to the land, we hope to be an advocate of sustainability and become an eco friendly business.

Our packaging is plastic free, something that was very important when sourcing the right materials to carefully wrap and protect your order.

Our Logo

The Teylu Collective logo has a story to be told that everyone should hear and remember when times are tough. Depicting the sun setting/rising on the horizon, it is a reminder that no matter what happens, your day can always end beautifully. It encourages us to reset ready to rise and conquer the new day ahead. 

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