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The History of Sea Glass

The History of Sea Glass

15th December 2022

Sea glass is created from glass that has found its way into the sea. It is eroded, tumbled and shaped by the power of the sea currents before getting washed to shore with the incoming tides. An event where humans and nature combine. Mostly through littering by humans, many many years of sea churning and erosion leads to the end product of smooth frosted pieces of sea glass treasure. 

Sea glass in its true form takes many many decades to form. Before the rise in single use plastic, most liquids and goods were stored in glass bottles and jars. Waste was thrown into the sea. Little was known about pollution and the consequences it had on marine life and ocean quality back then. Sea glass was the oceans way of recycling and churning out what humans threw in.

Sea Glass Cornwall

The beauty of sea glass is that no two pieces are the same. Each one is unique, individually shaped by its time in the sea. The salt in the sea water combined with the constant motion and tumbling causes the glass to break down and erode. A frosted smooth exterior is formed and presents itself to us washed up on the shoreline in all different colours, shapes and sizes.

Whether it be a medicine bottle, beer bottle, a storage jar or anything else made from glass, the history behind each piece of sea glass is intriguing. One can use their imagination to decide the story of the origin of the sea glass you find on the shoreline. We will never know the journey that piece of sea glass has taken, its original purpose, where it originated, when it entered the sea or the path it took. All we know is its final destination.

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