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The Sea Glass Surfboard

The Sea Glass Surfboard

17th December 2022

Teylu Collective x Hand Laid Eggs

Functional art.

A fusion of creatives in different trades but with the same source of inspiration, the sea.

Coming together to make a sea glass encased surfboard, Teylu Collective and Hand Laid Eggs have combined their passions and created what is understood to be a world’s first in the surf and art community…

The Sea Glass Surfboard.

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Resin art, pressed flowers and acrylic paintings have long been a way to make a surfboard special and stand out above the rest. The shining glass like effect of polished resin is certain to attract the eye and imagination.

Beach scenes of waves lapping sandy shores can be recreated with the same resin which encases the essential foam, providing float for surfboards. A popular hobbyist material, resin is manipulated and glossed to resemble the natural flow of the ocean.

In silversmithing, encasing sea glass into metal requires detail and a gentle touch. Found on the shore, the unique shapes of sea glass can be set in metal to make one of a kind jewellery. Whilst on a much bigger scale in surfboard shaping, the same hand control and care is required to provide smooth shaped foam in surfboard form.

sea glass, sea glass jewellery, cornish sea glass, sea glass art, surfboard art, sea glass cornwall

Once the foam is shaped into its desired figure, the next steps of resin and fiberglass application strengthen the board and keep the water out. When a piece of sea glass is set, it is enclosed within the layers of this glassing method.

With precision and patience at delicate stages of the board building process, the sea glass is set into the foam in a way to not obstruct the usual flow of the water, and the board’s surfing properties. Underneath the resin, the sea glass glistens and pops from the board when polished.

No wave that rolls into the beach can be the same as the last, no sea glass piece distinct to another… selected and laid into a personalised designed board brings a one of a kind feature to the surfing experience.

Be sure to check out Hand Laid Eggs!

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